Crit under the Castle.

The Scottish National Criterium Championships
10th August 2014


Bicyle racing in the heart of Stirling

Races for all ages and abilities


A Criterium race (or crit) is a fast paced bicycle circuit race around a short closed-road course. This fantastic spectator sport offers crowds to witness bar-to-bar racing as close, and as often as possible.

Stirling Bike Club, in association with Stirling Council finalising a closed road circuit in the very heart of the town centre, promising an event like no other in Stirling.


The Scottish National Criterium Championships

For 2014, Crit under the Castle will incorporate the Scottish National Criterium Championships. In conjunction will Scottish Cycling and Stirling Council, Stirling will host some of the best riders in Britain looking to take home the trophies.


The Races

Races for all


Not a seperate race, but Juniors will be getting some fantastic prizes and medals for the Criterium Championships.